BT Lumini Affecti    
Features of BT's Lumini Affecti 

Features of BTLA

Realtime color calculation

There is no lag or hanging back during playback. BTLA works in realtime with no recognizable delay

YV12 and RGB32 support

Most movies are in YV12 format, but some may also use RGB32 as colorspace, BTLA is capable of both!

Automatic input detection

You don't have to use different versions for different colorspaces. BTLA automatically detects the used colorspace!

16:9/4:3 support

No matter if your source is in 4:3 or 16:9, BTLA will work with both aspect ratio without problems or manual tuning!

FULL HD ready

BTLA supports also FULL HD 1080p playback! HD ready 720p is of course also supported as any resolution below 1080p!

High precision

it uses around 10% of the pixels to analyze the average color! Other software uses only 200-300 pixel. For instance: On a FULL HD 1080p movie (1920x1080px= 2.073.600 px) BLTA uses a total amount of 145.800 px (more than 7%)
on normale european PAL TV with 720x576px = 414.720 it uses 41.472px (exactly 10%)!

High Perfomance

BTLA uses effecient code to reduce the cpu load to a minimum. For instance:
- Athlon XP 2700+, 512MB Ram, GeForce 4200, DVB-S Card: During PAL television playback the cpu load only goes up by average 3% !
- Core2Duo E8300, 2GB Ram, Ati HD3870, FullHD video: load increases by only 4%!